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Every month, Trifecta Pilates Members receive:

  • Monthly Workout Calendar
  • Full length Pilates Workouts
  • Preloaded YouTube Workouts Ad-Free
  • Monthly Group Call with Beth
  • Exercise Review
  • Downloadable Recipes


    • Access to all past membership workouts, exercise reviews, recipes and workshops
    • Focused Pilates Workout Training Programs with downloadable guides
    • Access to the Private Members Only Facebook Group

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    I joined the membership last year. It really has been transformative for me both physically and mentally (especially during the Covid-19 lockdown). Pilates has strengthened and balanced me. I feel healthier and stronger than I ever have!

    ~ Lori


    After joining the membership, I’m feeling so much happier in myself in many different ways.

    Since joining, I’ve learned so much about the exercises and the variations that are best for me. I’ve become much more in tune with my body because of this. I love the fact that Beth is available if I need help via the monthly calls.

    The other part about the membership that I appreciate is the holistic but very realistic approach that makes me more mindful about myself.

    ~ Beverley

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