Social Identities and Systems Series for Pilates Teachers

This Mini-Course is designed to give you a comprehensive foundation with
Power, Privilege and Oppression so you can take Aligned Action to support your Pilates clients.


Here’s what’s included:

Module 1: Power, Privilege and Oppression(PPO) 101: Identifying the 9 different types of PPO and the 4 classifications. This first module establishes a strong understanding of power, privilege and oppression that will support the rest of the course. 

Module 2: Systemic Power, Privilege and Oppression: Learn the impacts of Systemic PPO and how this manifests itself today. 

Module 3: Microaggressions: This module covers the everyday occurrence of biases and microaggressions so you can take action to work with intention to reduce unintentional harm.

Module 4: Lean into Action: After the lessons from Modules 1-3, this section focuses on applying your knowledge within the context of teaching Pilates. 

Bonus: Beyond Pronouns: Using pronouns is becoming more standardized, and yet there is more to inclusion than the use of pronouns in your Instagram bio. Learn how to ensure that you’re aligning all forms of communication to support the people you work with.