Professional Development Course for current Pilates Teachers

100% Online * Self Paced * Unlimited Access to the Program * 12 NCPT-CEC’s

Here’s what’s included:

MODULE 1: Trauma Informed Care and Pilates: Set yourself up for success and begin with learning the 4 R’s of a Trauma Informed Care framework and how a trauma informed approach compliments the Pilates Method.

MODULE 2: Understanding Trauma: Learn different classifications of trauma to moving beyond a simple definition of trauma, this section is essential to have a greater understanding of trauma.

MODULE 3: Impacts of Trauma: From brain to body, mind to behavior, there are many impacts of trauma. Learn the many different impacts and how these may manifest in a Pilates session.

MODULE 4: Core Principles of Trauma Informed Care: This section highlights the 6 principles of Trauma Informed Care and how to apply them when you teach Pilates.

MODULE 5: Communication Strategies: Communication can be negatively impacted by trauma and miscommunication is common. This section teaches how to maintain boundaries and safety while communicating with people.

MODULE 6: Trauma Informed Teaching: Combine all of the information you’ve learned in the prior lessons and put it in action with Trauma Informed Care teaching specifically for the Pilates Method.


  • Trauma Informed Pilates Classes
  • Self-Care Essentials
  • Empathy Mapping